Percy Jackson series -Rick Riordan

Let me just start off by saying wow. I love this series. I love how the characyers have personalities, and you can relate to them. (only partially- I cant exactly relate to being half god, or fighting the MINOTAUR!!!) The dry humor is great. When I read under the covers at night with a flashlight, I have to try my hardest to conceal it, for fear of getting caught. Sometimes I just cant contain it! I hang on to every word that comes out of his pen. And the nervous, near-death experiences have me quakng with excitement (and a little fear for Annabeth and Percy). aoh, and the action, the action, the action! Percy vs. Ares? Percy vs. the Minotaur? Percy vs. Atlas? Percy vs. Hyperion? Percy vs. Kronos?!?!?! The follow-up series is just as good, if not better. This is an absolute must-read!

Age (level): 8+ (content):7+
Rating: 97/100
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